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Sarah Ann Harris

Pre-marriage surname




Joseph Harris


Hannah Stone



19th September 1813

Indexing Project (Batch): Number I03396-3; System Origin: England-EASy; Source Film Number 1702104; Reference Number 19,



Not married


13th January 1847


7th February 1847 - Great Ilford, Essex, England

Record title: England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991 name: Sarah Ann Harris gender: Female; burial place: Great Illford, Essex, England indexing project (batch) number: I03397-6 system origin: England-EASy source film number: 1702105 (

Census 1841

Britannia Chequer Lane

Class: HO107; Piece 323; Book: 4; Civil Parish: Barking; County: Essex; Enumeration District: 4; Folio: 56; Page: 12; Line: 22; GSU roll: 241362


William Ingram


William Ingram Harris


Martha, Elizabeth, Susanna, Jane, Joseph, Amy Elizabeth, Ann, Mary Anne, Caroline Hannah, Mary, Eliza

Additional Information

Eliza Harris 1828 Joseph Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 04/02/1787 Married: 13/3/1809 Died: 04/05/1864 Buried: Hannah Stone  Born: Christ/Bapt:  Married: 13/3/1809 Died: 16/01/1869 Buried: Caroline Hannah Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 5/11/1826 Married: Died: Buried: Mary Ann Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 17/4/1825 Married: Died: Buried: Ann Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 27/4/1823 Married: Died: Q2 1841 Buried: Amy Elizabeth Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 1/4/1821 Married: n/a Died:  Buried: 25/7/1828 Joseph Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 15/11/1818 Married: Died: Buried: Jane Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 2/3/1817 Married: 15/03/1842 Died: Buried: Susannah Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 21/5/1815 Married: Died: Buried: Elizabeth Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 9/6/1811 Married: Died: Buried: Martha Harris  Born: Christ/Bapt: 18/6/1809 Married: 22/11/1831 Died: Q2 1851 Buried: 12/06/1851 Elizabeth Harris 1811 Martha Harris 1809 Susannah Harris 1815 Jane Harris 1817 Joseph Harris 1818 Amy Elizabeth Harris 1821 Ann Harris 1823 Mary Ann Harris 1825 Caroline Hannah Harris 1826 Joseph Harris 1787 Mary Harris  Born: 5/04/1828 Christ/Bapt: 6/05/1828 Married: Died: Buried: Mary Harris 1828 Eliza Harris  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 15/06/1828 Married: Died: Buried: William Ingram Harris  Born: 17 Oct 1840 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 19 Jan 1870 Died: 31 Jan 1895 Buried: William Ingram  Born: Christ/Bapt: Married:  Died: Buried: Sarah Ann Harris 1813 William Ingram Harris 1840