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Edward J Trenwith

Pre-marriage surname




John Stephen Trenwith


Jane Vickerman


6th November 1871

17 Methly Street, Kennington (1st part), Surrey

(I) Birth Cert: E Trenwith

(II) National Insurance & Unemployment Insurance Cert: E Trenwith - 4th November 1924

Birth Registrar

“...” Wilson (18th November 1871)



Jessie Maria Brice


10th December 1893

St. James Church, Parish of Bermondsey, County of London

Residence at time of marriage

Groom: 11 Abbey Street

Bride: 11 Abbey Street

Marriage witnesses


William Brice & Laura E Trenwith

A Cecil Gough

Professions of married

Groom: Compositor

Bride: Not stated




Edward William John Trenwith


(Mother - J Vickerman) John H, Laura E, Edward J, Alfred H, Agnes S, Florence V, Frederick V, Bert S

(Mother - E J Smith) Florence F, Lily G, Jessie M, Winifred E,

(Father - J H Trenwith) Rose A


(I) 6th November 1871 - 17 Methley Street, Kennington, London

(II) 10th December 1893 - 11 Abbey Street, Bermondsey, London

(I) Birth Cert: E Trenwith

(II) Marriage Cert: E Trenwith & J M Brice

Occupation Chronology

(I) 10th December 1893 - Compositor

(II) 8th June 1924 - Linotype Operator

(I) Marriage Cert: E Trenwith & J M Brice

(II) Marriage Cert: E W J Trenwith & C A Smith

Additional Information

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Other records:

‘National Health Insurance Acts, 1911 to 1920, Unemployment Insurance Act’

 - Record date: 4th November 1924

 - ‘Approved Society Association, Insurance Committee, Employment Exchange, or other Body or Person for whom the Certificate is required: Employment Exchange, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton’

 - ‘Applicant Address: 85 Chelmsford Road, Walthamstow, E17’

John H Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 1867 Married: Died:1930 Buried: Laura E Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 1869 Married: Died: 1955 Buried: John H Trenwith 1867 Laura E Trenwith 1869 Jane Vickerman  Born: 1846 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 15/02/1866 Died: 1893 Edward J Trenwith  Born: 06/11/1871 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 10/12/1893 Died: 1956 Buried: Florence V Trenwith  Born: 1876 Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died: 1877 Buried: Frederick V Trenwith  Born: 03/10/1878 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 12/09/1903 Died: 1944 Buried: Florence V Trenwith 1876 Frederick V Trenwith 1878 John S Trenwith  Born: 20/03/1841 Christ/Bapt:  Married (I): 15/02/1866 Married (II): 19/12/1894 Died: 1900 Buried: John S Trenwith 1841 Emma J Smith  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married (I):19/12/1894 Married (II):   Died: Lily G Trenwith  Born: 1895 Christ/Bapt: Married:  Died: 1907  Buried: Jessie M Trenwith  Born: 1897 Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died:  Buried: Lily G Trenwith 1895 Jessie M Trenwith 1897 Winifred E Trenwith  Born: 1898 Christ/Bapt:  Married: Died: Buried: Winifred E Trenwith 1898