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Philip Watkins Trenwith

Pre-marriage surname




Nicholas Trenwith


Grace Williams




3rd April 1811

Penzance, Cornwall, England

Births & Christenings record Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04314-5 , System Origin: England-EASy , GS Film number: 1796106 , Reference ID: item 17-23 p p 82


9th July 1833

Madron, Cornwall, England

Marriage record Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00169-1 , System Origin: England-ODM , GS Film number: 0962269 IT 1, 236552, 254189, 254192, 254193, 254194, 90257

Residence at time of marriage

Marriage witnesses


Professions of married


Qtr3 1885 Aged 74

Penzance, Cornwall, England

Qtr3 1885 Volume 5C, Page # 153, Line #224



Elizabeth Read


Philip R, Christiana, Elizabeth R, John R


Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Grace, Grace, John W, Elizabeth, William H, Edward T, Elizabeth S, Emma


Occupation Chronology

(I) 8th September 1861 - Shoemaker

(I) Marriage Cert: J R Trenwith & E Mannell

Additional Information

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Grace Williams  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died: Nicholas Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 14/07/1809 Married: Died: 1869 Buried: Philip W Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 03/04/1811 Married: 19/07/1833 Died:  1885 Buried: Grace Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 03/10/1813 Married: Died: Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 27/07/1808 Married:  Died:   Buried: Grace Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 31/05/1816 Married: Died: Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith 1808 Nicholas Trenwith 1809 Grace Trenwith 1813 Grace Trenwith 1816 John W Trenwith  Born: 1818 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 21/11/1840 Died: 1900 Buried: John W Trenwith 1818 Elizabeth Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 02/07/1820 Married: Died:  Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith 1820 Edward T Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 30/12/1825 Married: 29/01/1849 Died:  1874 Buried: Elizabeth S Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 30/12/1825 Married: 18/05/1850 Died:  Buried: Edward Thomas Trenwith 1825 Elizabeth Sophie Trenwith 1825 Elizabeth Read  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died:  Buried: Phillip R Trenwith   Born: 08/06/1834 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 28/10/1855 Died: 1914 Buried: Christiana Trenwith  Born: 1836 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 16/06/1855 Died:   Buried: Elizabeth R Trenwith  Born: 1838 Christ/Bapt: Married:29/08/1860 Died:  Buried: John R Trenwith  Born: 1840 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 08/09/1861 Died: 1921 Buried: John R Trenwith 1841 Elizabeth R Trenwith 1837 Christiana B Trenwith 1835 Philip R Trenwith 1834