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Bert Stephen Trenwith

Pre-marriage surname




John Stephen Trenwith


Jane Vickerman





Sarah Ayris


June 21st 1908 - St Benet’s Stepney Parish, London

Residence at time of marriage

Groom: 109 St. Dunstan’s

Bride: 90 Bancroft Road

Marriage witnesses


Florence Trenwith & John Tweed

J Cryer

Professions of married

Groom: Machinist

Bride: Not stated




Violet, Victor


(Mother - J Vickerman) John H, Laura E, Edward J, Alfred H, Agnes S, Florence V, Frederick V, Bert S

(Mother - E J Smith) Florence F, Lily G, Jessie M, Winifred E,

(Father - J H Trenwith) Rose A


(I) 21st June 1908 - 109 St Dunstan’s Road, Stepney, London

(I) Marriage Cert: B S Trenwith & S Ayris

Occupation Chronology

(I) 21st June 1908 - Machinist

(I) Marriage Cert: B S Trenwith & S Ayris

Additional Information

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John H Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 1867 Married: Died:1930 Buried: Laura E Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 1869 Married: Died: 1955 Buried: John H Trenwith 1867 Laura E Trenwith 1869 Jane Vickerman  Born: 1846 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 15/02/1866 Died: 1893 Edward J Trenwith  Born: 06/11/1871 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 10/12/1893 Died: 1956 Buried: Florence V Trenwith  Born: 1876 Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died: 1877 Buried: Frederick V Trenwith  Born: 03/10/1878 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 12/09/1903 Died: 1944 Buried: Florence V Trenwith 1876 Frederick V Trenwith 1878 Bert S Trenwith  Born: 1882 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 12/06/1908 Died: 1945 Buried: John S Trenwith  Born: 20/03/1841 Christ/Bapt:  Married (I): 15/02/1866 Married (II): 19/12/1894 Died: 1900 Buried: John S Trenwith 1841 Emma J Smith  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married (I):19/12/1894 Married (II):   Died: Lily G Trenwith  Born: 1895 Christ/Bapt: Married:  Died: 1907  Buried: Jessie M Trenwith  Born: 1897 Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died:  Buried: Lily G Trenwith 1895 Jessie M Trenwith 1897 Winifred E Trenwith  Born: 1898 Christ/Bapt:  Married: Died: Buried: Winifred E Trenwith 1898 Edward J Trenwith 1871