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Edward Thomas Trenwith

Pre-marriage surname




Nicholas Trenwith


Grace Williams




Birth Registrar


30th December 1825

Penzance, Cornwall, England

Births & Christenings record Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04314-6 , System Origin: England-EASy , GS Film number: 1796106 , Reference ID: item 17-23 p 24


29th January 1849

Madron Parish, Penzance, Cornwall

Residence at time of marriage

Groom: Penzance, Cornwall

Bride: Penzance, Cornwall

Marriage witnesses


Richard Rowe & Elisabeth Trenwith

M N Peters

Professions of married

E T Trenwith - Shoemaker

M Hawke - “Not stated”




Martha Hawke


Edward James


Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Philip W, Grace, Grace, John W, Elizabeth, William H, Elizabeth S, Emma


(I) 29th January 1849 - Penzance

(II) 7th April 1849 - Penrith Street, Penzance, Cornwall

(I) Marriage Cert: E T Trenwith & M Hawke

(II) Birth Cert: E J Trenwith

Occupation Chronology

(I) 29th January 1849 - Shoemaker

(II) 7th April 1849 - Shoemaker

(I) Marriage Cert: E T Trenwith & M Hawke

(II) Birth Cert: E J Trenwith

Additional Information

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Nicholas Trenwith  Born: 16/05/1784 Christ/Bapt: Married:  Died: Nicholas Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 14/07/1809 Married: Died: 1869 Buried: Philip W Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 03/04/1811 Married: 19/07/1833 Died:  1885 Buried: Grace Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 03/10/1813 Married: Died: Buried: Nicholas Trenwith 1784 Elizabeth Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 27/07/1808 Married:  Died:   Buried: Grace Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 31/05/1816 Married: Died: Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith 1808 Nicholas Trenwith 1809 Philip W Trenwith 1811 Grace Trenwith 1813 Grace Trenwith 1816 Grace Williams  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married:  Died: John W Trenwith  Born: 1818 Christ/Bapt:  Married: 21/11/1840 Died: 1900 Buried: John W Trenwith 1818 Elizabeth Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 02/07/1820 Married: Died:  Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith 1820 Edward T Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 30/12/1825 Married: 29/01/1849 Died:  1874 Buried: Elizabeth S Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 30/12/1825 Married: 18/05/1850 Died:  Buried: Elizabeth Sophie Trenwith 1825 Elizabeth Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 24/06/1806 Married:  Died:  1809 Buried: Elizabeth Trenwith 1806 Edward J Trenwith  Born:  Christ/Bapt: 07/04/1849 Married: Died: Buried: Martha Hawke  Born:  Christ/Bapt:  Married: 29/01/1849 Died: Edward Thomas Trenwith 1825 Edward James Trenwith 1849